35th Reunion Team Thanks

I have received many thanks for setting up this site. But I would be remiss if I didn't also give credit to others where and when it is due.

It began with couple of emails earlier this year, leading to several phones calls between Kathy Brenner Kuritz and me that got the ball rolling on this. She suggested that our class was due for a Reunion and we asked each other "why not?".

Word of mouth, Facebook and Classmates.com gave us some resources for me to start an email list, reaching Marci Lahni Povletich, who hand delivered the Official Class list to my house.

Sandy Butz Siebers answered the call, and volunteered her time to meet Kathy and me on a Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago. We discussed the basics of the plan and Kathy pointed me towards a web site which allowed me to "build" the site you are now on. Jeff Straw also gave us input as to what type of function he thought we'd all enjoy.

A phone call from Jerry Post one Friday afternoon came with an offer to provide music the night of the event. He has since also graciously offered to contact hotels nearby for anyone who may need a room that weekend.

Kathy checked out many venues, finally securing Bub's Irish Pub for the evening of the Reunion. After all of this, we still have many more details to work out.

With this in mind, we are still looking for help contacting more people and finalizing plans for the "big bash." If anyone else can offer their time, suggestions, experience or ???, please do not hesistate to contact one of us.

And, thanks to ALL OF YOU who have responded so far. It is good to know that after so many years, so many of us still remember one another with favorable memories.

Please share this information with anyone else you may see, hear from or bump into from our Class of 1974.