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Add your HS story's

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Add your HS story's
Posted Saturday, April 25, 2009 07:15 PM


It’s time to reveal things hell were all getting old, over half our lives are gone let’s call a spade a spade lets have some fun. Let’s tell some things no one knows about you or maybe very few know. I’ll be honest this web site was a great idea but if we’re not willing to have some fun with it what’s the point.
We have all been on this earth for the last 52 solid years it’s time to share. I’ll start it off but I would like everyone to have some fun with it.
It was a very warm July night in 1973 I was 17, John Westerhausen & Dennis Wolffile CHS class of 1973 called me to say that a hot new club was opening in downtown Milwaukee called the Mad Hatter and I could use John’s ID to get in. Well we got down there the line was huge line it was all most ½ of a football field in length remember its opening night they were pounding the radio advertizing for a week before opening on all the radio stations. Cover charge was a $3.00 per person, beer was $. 50 per beer but back then I worked at Jerry’s Clark in Brown Deer for $1.85 per hour pumping gas hell I was rich. Everyone was dressed to kill the woman were in skirts and the men were in leisure suits not me did own one I was in a nice dress shirt and black pants. I had the most fun asking woman to dance and getting shot down by quite a few but I was very persistent I did manage to dance with a couple of woman that night it was my first time dancing ever I was quite the joke having never danced before but no one noticed because the place was so packed back then they never payed attention to a fire code sign that said 500 max in the building because that night they were well over 1000.
We were the group of guys with the cars that cruised custer back then, John Westerhausen had the Plymouth with the push button transmission later on he had the orange roadrunner, Dennis had the Black & lime Green Superbee, I had the 69 Green GTO.
OK who’s next with your story?
RE: Add your HS story's
Posted Friday, May 1, 2009 09:02 AM

Senior year I went to Bakula's on Hopkins for lunch on more than one occasion. For less than $2, you could get a sandwich (mmmm, Stewart's sandwiches...) and a bottle of Pabst. Of course, since I hadn't yet turned 18, I wasn't sure if I would get served or not. Because I usually went with Hergie who was a regular there, I was never asked to produce an ID.

However, when the owner was there at night, it was a different story. Bill (Bakula) was very vigilant about not letting underage drinkers hang out at his place. I had to "borrow" a DL from Dan Paluch in order to get a drink from Bill. He called me Dan after that, and stopped asking for ID after 3-4 visits. (Thanks, Dan!)

When I finally DID turn 18 in August, I had a party at my house that eventually moved on to Bakula's. Since my buddies were buying me birthday shots, Bill assumed that "Dan" had turned 19 that night. When I told him that my name was Dave and that I was finally 18, he was not too amused. But, he knew a good customer when he saw one and he let it go. (As it turned out, he knew my Dad from the fire department, so we had a laugh about that.)


RE: Add your HS story's
Posted Tuesday, May 12, 2009 07:47 AM

Dave - I bet you have a million stories like this - I truly had no clue the level of partying you did.  At least you're safe and here today - is all I can say - whew!   I can't figure out why, being from Milwaukee, that I never acquired a taste for beer - - I think it's because my Dad drank enough PBR for Cheesehead nation...Anyway - you're too funny - - see ya!