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Some what Quiet / Nerdy / Unpopular in High School
Posted Wednesday, May 13, 2009 03:13 PM

It is really funny that the stories that I would post here probably will not be known by many of my fellow classmates.  I was unpopular in High School and not part of the so called "In Crowd" but it is really funny how things change.  Back then it really mattered and now it doesn't.  I wish I knew then what I know now because I certainly would have done things differently.  I would not have let fear rule the people I attempted to talk to because I was afraid that they would not have talked back to me.  I guess you get to an age when you say what you want, to whomever you want, and hope things go well - if not, oh well!  

I think this is a wonderful site because it is bringing up memories from 35 years ago.  I may have thought them bad memories perhaps at the 10 yr. reunion or the 20 yr. reunion but now that is all different.  I think that as we get older we soften up (or should I say toughen up).  It seems that people are more friendly.

I look forward to the reunion in October because I plan to attempt to talk to everyone.  I have no fear that most, if not all, will respond positively.

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RE: Some what Quiet / Nerdy / Unpopular in High School
Posted Thursday, May 14, 2009 07:27 AM

You are absolutely right Pat. It doesn't matter.

RE: Some what Quiet / Nerdy / Unpopular in High School
Posted Thursday, May 14, 2009 07:52 AM


You are right when you say that it doesn't matter NOW about how things were back THEN. We've all "grown up", so to speak, and hopefully expanded our definitions of friendships and priorities.

I did not attend junior high like most of my grade school and neighborhood friends. (I went to Boys' Tech for a year before transferring to Custer.) In that one year, many of the kids I had hung around with had forged new friendships that did not necessarily include me when I got to Custer. It was as if I had to prove myself worthy of being able to hang around them again. At the time I felt somewhat slighted, but soon realized that maybe they weren't the people I wanted to be friends with anyway. Over time (at Custer and beyond), I realized that people will eventually see you for who you are, good or bad. Being accepted by everyone is not only impossible, it's probably not a good thing. Who can try to please everyone?

I knew nerds, greasers, freaks, jocks, cheerleaders and (fill in other descriptors here), and had friendships with someone from every possible category through my 3 years at CHS. I don't regret too many of the people that I met over the years.

In October, I hope to speak to you and many others that I didn't know or may have avoided as a "kid."


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RE: Some what Quiet / Nerdy / Unpopular in High School
Posted Wednesday, June 17, 2009 07:51 PM

Hello to all who have commented on "then and now".  Isn't it great to "grow up" and have the confidence we wish we had when we were young.  When I was in H.S. I was not part of the "in crowd" either, however, I had many great friends.  My focus was more on the business subjects I was taking and in my senior year was only at school half days so I could do the school/work co-op program.  I would have loved to have participated in more activities, but it would have prevented me from doing the above.  Good thing I did focus on my business part of the schooling, as I ended up doing it as a career.  This is why I am so looking forward to seeing everyone whether I know people or not so we can reconnect and get to meet each other on another level.   

Thank you again Dave and everyone else involved in setting up this web site and arranging for this reunion.  It has been wonderful to view and reconnect with some former classmates.  I think it would be great to keep it going!

Marie Orlando (Hoffman)